Monday, June 13, 2005


Obviously one of the downsides of not having internet where I'm living is that I get about five minutes a week to check - not write - emails and pay bills online. That leaves no time for blogging I'm sad to say. So, whether you've missed me or not I will be back online more frequently in a couple of weeks, until then I'll add here and there. Let's see, updates, hmmm.... Well, Molly has taken her first precarious steps and is rapidly and eagerly on her way to becoming a toddler. There's no holding her back! The rest of us are now on the search for a house to buy since my folks are going to be buying my Grandmother's place. We're liking the idea of getting something cheap but liveable and fixing it up so that any debt we incur could potentially be paid off in the next few years. My husband is a super hard worker and doesn't like to be enslaved to anyone as the Bible says, so we're trying to find a house that can be paid off within five years or so. This is harder than you think, even in this cheap real estate market, to find a house that is liveable, renovateable, and affordable. We'll let you know how it turns out. The Lord is amazingly generous to us though, we'll see what He does this time around.