Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sick and Away

Colin, Grace, and Noah have all been away to Scotland this last week. They left here Friday morning and got there Saturday morning. Unfortunately that's also the day that their Grandma and Grandpa got the flu. Mrs. Gunn took it especially hard and had to be taken to the hospital via ambulance. She's doing better and is expected home later today. Mr. Gunn is back to normal as well. The kids got it a couple of days ago and are starting to get back up and around again. I think Colin is starting to feel sick now. It's so sad really, I wanted them to miss me but not like this! As Gracie was lying in bed all day yesterday she told her Grandpa that she liked Texas better - awww! Who wouldn't under those conditions?! I really hope they can salvage some of their trip the next several days. I want them to love Scotland - after all this is an important place to her daddy and me. Things around here are good if not a little lonely. I try to stay out of the house and busy if I can and we're eating a lot of chocolate too :) The weather's been great with a cold front today that actually had the kids in long pants again! I didn't think that would happen again until November. Well, see ya next time - same blog time, same blog channel!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

On the other hand...

There has been much activity around the blogs the last few months regarding R.C. Sproul and his defrocking. Much of it has been venomous and even gleefully so. For the most part, those who defend R.C. and the elders there have remained silent in an effort, I believe, to keep the heresay to a minimum. Here is one man who is standing for that other half. I think it is, at the least, enlightening to hear another side of the story.

Several Things...

First of all, I did not want to fail to mention what an enormous help my mother's helper has been to me. Mrs. Henley came over for a couple of hours today and was able to help me through a week's worth of chores in that time. We have an empty laundry basket :) and a clean refrigerator! During my morning sickness time, someone had spilled soy milk all over the fridge and I have just left it there for about two months now :( I am so excited just to open the door and see all it's shiny clean whiteness! Thank you God for sending Mrs. Henley and for her being so gracious to help out.

Secondly, I was with my sister-in-law shopping at Old Navy before Christmas when her purse went missing. She was very upset at losing her daughter's special bracelet not to mention some gift cards. Well, they call today and had apparently found it somewhere in the store. We may never know what really happened but what a praise to have her purse back!

Thirdly, here is an excellent posting followed by a lively comment section on the ever-present (at least on my blog) issue of quiverfulledness. I'm really trying not to harp, but I get so excited when someone says so eloquently what I have tried to but can't.

Lastly, despite appearances here at the Ceilidh, there is much exciting news around the Gunn household. We've had an ultrasound where everything looked healthy. Colin and my mom now know what sex the baby is, but I still do not-we'll see how long it lasts ;) We finally finished painting the den and will redo the floor in there and the kitchen once we finish painting the kitchen - but I don't think you should hold your breath or anything. The den actually looks great thanks to my other mother's helper -my mom. She has a gift in that area wher I am sorely lacking. Also, I've got my first rose bushes planted and have kept them alive for whole days now - again, no telling how long it will last. Gracie, Noah, and Colin are gearing up for their trip to Scotland next week - wish I was too. Knox's birthday is Friday, he'll turn three - his voyage into manhood begins :)

I'll try and post some new pics soon, of the den, the kids, and maybe, if I'm brave, one of me. Now, back to my happy quiver.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

We did it!

Last night marks thebeginning of life for Knox without his pacifier! Yahoo! He has been my only paci baby so far, the others found their thumbs pretty quickly. Not ever having gone through this before, I didn't realize the hardship that would come from not getting rid of that little sucker sooner than later. In retrospect, one year would be the ideal time for taking away the pacifier, but I thought I'd make it "easier on myself" by waiting until two. Well, two years came around and we were in the middle of a transition time, being somewhat homeless and all, so we thought we'd wait until we were settled. Does anybody know when life actually gets "settled"? Because I'm still waiting. Nevetheless, I decided that three years was the absolute limit. His birthday is ten days away, but the pacifier died yesterday anyway. Of course he cried for it all evening long, and finally crashed at 11 last night- we had company so he was up later than usual. The good news, he slept all through the night without it AND is already asleep again tonight without too much fuss for it. He did however walk up to me today and said, "Mom, pacifier died," then fell to the ground in defeat. Good thing I didn't have another pacifier on hand, I might have caved ;)