Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sick and Away

Colin, Grace, and Noah have all been away to Scotland this last week. They left here Friday morning and got there Saturday morning. Unfortunately that's also the day that their Grandma and Grandpa got the flu. Mrs. Gunn took it especially hard and had to be taken to the hospital via ambulance. She's doing better and is expected home later today. Mr. Gunn is back to normal as well. The kids got it a couple of days ago and are starting to get back up and around again. I think Colin is starting to feel sick now. It's so sad really, I wanted them to miss me but not like this! As Gracie was lying in bed all day yesterday she told her Grandpa that she liked Texas better - awww! Who wouldn't under those conditions?! I really hope they can salvage some of their trip the next several days. I want them to love Scotland - after all this is an important place to her daddy and me. Things around here are good if not a little lonely. I try to stay out of the house and busy if I can and we're eating a lot of chocolate too :) The weather's been great with a cold front today that actually had the kids in long pants again! I didn't think that would happen again until November. Well, see ya next time - same blog time, same blog channel!


tracey fields said...

i'll be praying for them and you.

Amy Howard said...


I'm new to your blog, but I really like it! I used to live in Texas (grew up there and moved to Virginia year ago). I don't miss the heat that much!

I'll pray for everyone to get better soon.


Duchess of Fife said...

Thanks, Tracey and Amy!

All are healed and safely home!