Wednesday, May 03, 2006

They're back!

I am so thankful to report that everyone made it home safely from their trek across the ocean! I don't think they had the best of times due to a bout with the flu, but they managed to squeeze in some laughs along the way. Colin says the kids did great on the plane and we're complimented on every leg about how well behaved they were :) They're all getting back into the routine except for the going to bed at 7 and waking up at 6am thing - I'll be glad when that goes back to normal again. Here's some pics from the sojourn.

Gracie and Noah on the first plane.Gracie on a canon in EdinburghNoah shooting a toy gun. Seriously, 90% of his pictures on the trip were of him in this pose. Should I tell him guns are illegal in Scotland?Grandma and Grandpa celebrating 60 year birthdays.


tracey fields said...

cute. where have you been?

mammamolina said...

Gracie wins the "biggest gun" contest, though! Glad their back safe and sound.