Sunday, May 14, 2006


There are so many amazing things about being a mother. First of all I never knew how amazingly strong your love for your child would be. Second of all, I never would have guessed the millions of ways that God shows forth His truth that children are blessings. I'm not just blessed because I have the children, I'm blessed in the way they make me view God and the world, the way they sanctify me constantly, and the way they make me think about things I wouldn't normally on my own.

For instance, tonight at dinner, Colin takes one of the kids off for a spanking and Gracie asks me, "What would happen if I took the spanking for ___? Would that be like what Jesus did for me?" I was so preoccupied with the interruption of the child getting disciplined that I was glossing over one of the main reasons we discipline in the first place. Without spankings we wouldn't know the significance of someone else's sacrifice for us. If said child had never known how awful it was to get spanked, what would they care if one of their brothers or sisters took over that spanking? And second of all, the selflessness and love of Jesus to do that for us is an act that was so generous and wonderful. Why would we be so grateful for someone to take our earthly punishment and so negligent to be grateful to our Christ who took our eternal punishment for us?

Part of the joy of this situation was also seeing one of my kids being blessed with a believing mind through faith. Affirmation of the covenant that He gave to us so long ago. Knowing that this is a gift from God above alone for this child that I love so dearly is such an amazing gift to me as well. This gift for this child that I would do just about anything to spare from pain or misery from God who willingly gave His Son into pain and misery so that my child and I could share in this gift.... it truly boggles the mind!

Another added blessing today came via my sons. There was some jealousy over a toy car today that was really upsetting one brother. The other brother came over on his own accord and freely and joyfully offerred up this car to his sad brother! It was so sweet to see him share and love his brother in such a way. Then later, Noah said out of the blue to his daddy, "Would you please read to me a story about Jesus? Read to us about God's love." A heart that loves God and longs to hear more about Him?! What better gift could a mother ask for on such a day?!

Soli Deo Gloria


Marie said...

I never thought of it before - the importance of discipline in explaining the gospel to our children. If sinful behavior is not punished, it is hard to grasp the awfulness of sin and the need for atonement.

tracey fields said...

awesome...that is so true. gretchen uses that example in sunday school almost every week about "taking the spanking."(if their sibling did something bad would they want to take the spanking for them and makes the connection about what Jesus did for us.)
we had a similar thing happen today- abby met with jeff today to talk about taking the Lord's Supper. and when he asked,"what do sinners deserve?" she & knox both said, "sinners deserve the wrath and curse of God." that is strait from the catechism. i love that the connections are being made...we are sooo blessed by God.
good post, emily.

anonymousanyway. said...

Great post Emily (from someone who doesn't have the blessings of children and needed to see things from your little one's perspective).


Barbara (from good ol' SF) Sounds like you, Elder Colin and the wee ones are doing well...

MrsSWM said...

Just a note to let you know that I enjoy popping in to read your blog and your thoughts on motherhood :-) We too have been blessed with little ones close in age;ours are ages 5 - three months and so it is always an encouragement to "meet" another mother in a similar situation :-)

As a side note, I remember seeing you at the film festival last year!(My husband had a submission in the trailer competition.)We came away greatly encouraged at seeing so many like minded families there.

Lastly, we are looking forward to the release of "The Monstrous Regiment of Women"!

May the Lord bless you as you serve Him! :-)

Duchess of Fife said...

Thanks for stopping by, Barbara! Hope you are well too!

Mrs. SWM,

I'm so glad to read your comment! That's one of the reasons I started blogging was to make some connections with mom's in similar situations. I hope to see you again at the festival this year. We're not sure if I'm going to make it since I'm due just a few weeks before then. Is your husband submitting anything this year?


MrsSWM said...

Hello Again! :-)

It would be lovely to meet up with you at the film festival this year! We do hope to be there. I can certainly see how being a few weeks away from your due date would make it difficult to attend! I was six months along with our last baby there last year and that was quite exhausting (but worth it :-))Yes, my husband is hoping to submit a film this year (if he can squeeze in the time to make it :-))

God bless!


Leigh said...

Off the topic, but I was wondering what the status is of Monsterous Regiment is? I can't wait to see it!


Duchess of Fife said...

Thanks, Leigh! Colin is hard at work and is hoping to finish it in time for SAICFF. It's looking good if I do so say myself.


MrsSWM said...

We too are looking forward to seeing "Monsterous Regiment"!