Monday, May 08, 2006

The Tempest

This last weekend was full of excitment. It started Friday when we had a tornado hit our humble little town. It didn't cause any damage to any of our family's houses and thankfully no one at all was injured. My mom's neighborhood got it pretty bad where tree after tree was uprooted - quite an amazing sight really! As my little family huddled in our shower underneath a mattress we found a good opportunity to share with the kids about God's power and His sovereignty when they asked, "Why did God make the tornado?"

Another bit of news is that my sister had her baby this weekend! As she described to me the whirlwind that was her labor and birth (which I unfortunately missed) I found myself dreading and fearing my own upcoming labor and not wanting to go through it at all. I am providentially faced with God's answer to my fears through the twister that my city went through. It is God who brings the storm, it is God who sees us through, and it is God who uses the storm for our good. If we go through life with all sunny days and no pain, we might never see how truly reliant upon Him we are for our needs and even our next breath. So I repent of my fears, and I thank Him for the storm and I ask Him for the grace and wisdom to remember these truths when I am in the next one.


Amy Howard said...


I'm glad to hear that everyone is back safely from the trip!

I've been wondering who was looking at my blog from I know it is you!

Wow! I needed to hear what you said about storms and God's sovereignty in the midst of them. This was a real blessing to me today. Thank you!

I really do not miss those tornadoes though. I lived through so many of them in my life there in Texas. We were discussing with some friends from MO just the other day about these storms. They just moved there from California and are not at all used to tornaodes. I was giving them all of the warning signs to look for... you know, greenish tint to the sky, "udder" shaped clouds, wall-clouds, really sunny, warm days with a cold front moving through, etc. I remember all too well when that F5 came through Jarrell, Texas, just south of you 9 years ago. It wiped an entire community off the map. It was intense to say the least.

It is good to hear that you are in a good place once again about your upcoming labor. I went through that with each labor after I had done it once. I'll be praying that the Lord will continue to give you peace and strength to weather this labor. He always births something beautiful out of the storms in our lives...I'm sure that this baby will be no different!

God bless!

Amy Howard said...


I just realized who your husband is! Jim Bob has been talking about his movie Shaky Town since he was at the Film Festival back in September. I finally put two and two together... sometimes I'm a little slow!

I just want to say that I am excited to see what your husband and family are doing in the film industry... it is life changing for folks out there.

We will pray for continued success for the Gunn Brothers and their families!

Love in Him,

Duchess of Fife said...

Thanks so much for you kind note! I love how these blogs are a way for the Christian community to stay in touch no matter how far away we are! Thanks for your encouragement and prayers! Blessings to you all!