Monday, April 30, 2007


To all my Bay area friends, I offer my utmost sympathy. I feel your pain.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Yep, they're mine alright

The kids took a tub of chocolate icing and four spoons out to the back yard today. When caught, they explained, "It's okay , Mom. We're pretending we're feasting in heaven with God." Chocolate as a feast?! I'd say my genes are definitely dominant :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Gunn Clan

Here we are in Texas this past January! I've been wanting to get a group photo for a while now, but it's not very easy to get everybody in the same place at the same time. How cool is this?! :)

Did you know..

that Nancy Wilson has a blog now? It's about time. :)

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Birthday boy

This last weekend was Knox's fourth birthday. The camera ate the pictures. That could've been my fault. He got lots of toys from Grandparents all of which he promptly shared with his brothers and sisters - I take no credit here or I'll have to also take credit for the boy/girl who tried to get the grandparents to buy presents for Knox that he/she wanted. He also got a birthday card that sang "Happy Birthday" with a British accent when you opened it up. You should have seen the look on his face - it was like he'd just won the lottery. Then he played with that card for the rest of the day, even taking it to bed with him. I couldn't say enough wonderful things about this kid. He always has a very sweet and jovial take on things. Like laughing after falling down and scraping his knee, or asking for kisses and hugs instead of just plain begging and whining when he's trying to get out of going to bed. I admit I'm a sucker for that last one :) I thought you might like to hear a couple of quotes from the little guy.

In church last week, referring to the big stain glass window at the front: "Mom I can see God from here."

Said everyday since Mercy was born, and with the same level of excitement every time: "Mom, can I hold Mercy? Look she's smiling out me! Look Mercy likes me!"

Said to the Rescue Hero in the bathtub: "Here you can stand on these bubbles like they're the ground. Oh, no it's quicksand! AAAGGGHHHHH!"

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Knox is always so much fun.
Mercy pulling up. You can get a nice view of some of her rolls.
Noah riding his bike. The boys were enjoying the lovely warm spring day.

Mercy showing off her new tricks. I was hoping you could see her blue eyes. Maybe if you squint.

Gracie's second tooth gone. Noah was playing with the camera and took this one o f me. Gracie drinking hot chocolate and marshmallows.
And now this is why we will have no Easter pics in the bluebonnets :)
Our first sad little snowman attempt. We quit early because we couldn't feel our fingers.
Now that's a decent snowman! Don't worry, Mercy was only out there hatless for a few seconds while we took this pic.

It's snowing!

That's right, it's snowing in Texas in April! I took pics but they look like our yard with blurry things flying around. I'll try and post some soon though. Right now we're watching Pooh's Heffalump movie for the second time and drinking hot chocolate while snuggling up :) Must go, many such pressing things to do with the most important people in the world. Bye!

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Lots has been going on the last couple of months but I've had very little computer access so I haven't posted much. First Colin's had a young gentlemen apprenticing with him for Monstrous Regiment. He's using my computer so I've had to depend on the laptop whose battery died a sad, slow death right about the time he got here. I got this new one in the mail yesterday - can you say, "EXCITED!" I've been sitting here way too much today which I've managed to excuse because I was sitting with Knox who's sick. It's been a crazy two months including brand new floors being installed in the kitchen and den and a stomach virus that managed to take out all the adults at one time - not pretty.

The kids have been great. Gracie started taking piano lessons and has been filling the home with music while she practices on our new(to us) red piano! She's lost her second tooth now. Actually she literally lost it because as soon as it came out, it fell down the drain. Oh, well! Good thing we don't do the tooth fairy. Noah's learned how to ride his bike all on his own! Knox will be turning four next week. Noah's already said he wants all his presents :) I still haven't planned anything yet. Molly's decided she's a big girl in just about every way except going to the potty. She likes to tell people off by talking real loud and pointing at the palm of her hand with her other pointer finger. I'm not sure where she learned that. Mercy learned to crawl and pull up these last two weeks. I tell ya, when that girl makes her mind up, there's no stopping her. She's beautiful with blue eyes and possibly a little red to her hair. She's wonderful, sweet, fun, loves raspberries, her daddy, and NOT being tackled by her big brothers and sisters. I'm so glad God gave her to us. Pictures coming soon, and since Easter's this weekend, I'm hoping they'll be in bluebonnets.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Got video?

We're in search of a video of a 4D ultrasound to use in our Monstrous Regiment movie. Please email us or leave a comment on the movie webpage if you're willing to share your video. Thanks!

This was beautiful...

Go watch this video. This comment sums it up..."I stand in awe of parents who love and let go and continue to trust God."