Saturday, April 07, 2007


Knox is always so much fun.
Mercy pulling up. You can get a nice view of some of her rolls.
Noah riding his bike. The boys were enjoying the lovely warm spring day.

Mercy showing off her new tricks. I was hoping you could see her blue eyes. Maybe if you squint.

Gracie's second tooth gone. Noah was playing with the camera and took this one o f me. Gracie drinking hot chocolate and marshmallows.
And now this is why we will have no Easter pics in the bluebonnets :)
Our first sad little snowman attempt. We quit early because we couldn't feel our fingers.
Now that's a decent snowman! Don't worry, Mercy was only out there hatless for a few seconds while we took this pic.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! and boy, do you look beautiful. I sure do miss you to pieces. Would sure love to see you again.

tracey fields said...

i'm soooo jealous of the snow. great pics...your kiddos are beautiful!

Erik Wait said...

Snow? In Texas? In April? See! Al Gore was right! Global warming is true! It is snowing because the earth is getting warmer! Wow! Maybe he DID invent the internet!

Leigh said...

Your family is so cute!! And I have to say, you look wonderful! You don't look like you could have possibly given birth to so many blessings!

Take care,

Carl said...

It is crazy to see Mercy pulling up already. Great pics! Thanks for sharing.

Melanie said...

I can't believe how much the kiddos have grown! It is always so fun to see pictures of them! And you look great too by the way! Good to see your smiling face...miss you guys!

tracey fields said...

i bought the DYSON. cheapest one. LOVE IT!!!

Mama Russell said...

Oh my goodness! Your little Mercy is so chunky. (I can say that because two of my babies were quite chunky. My 8 month old is already 23 pounds). How adorable!

Duchess of Fife said...

M.R. - 23 pounds! Wow! We got some catching up to do. I think Mercy's only about 19lbs. right now and is 8mos. Aren't fat babies great?!