Thursday, April 05, 2007


Lots has been going on the last couple of months but I've had very little computer access so I haven't posted much. First Colin's had a young gentlemen apprenticing with him for Monstrous Regiment. He's using my computer so I've had to depend on the laptop whose battery died a sad, slow death right about the time he got here. I got this new one in the mail yesterday - can you say, "EXCITED!" I've been sitting here way too much today which I've managed to excuse because I was sitting with Knox who's sick. It's been a crazy two months including brand new floors being installed in the kitchen and den and a stomach virus that managed to take out all the adults at one time - not pretty.

The kids have been great. Gracie started taking piano lessons and has been filling the home with music while she practices on our new(to us) red piano! She's lost her second tooth now. Actually she literally lost it because as soon as it came out, it fell down the drain. Oh, well! Good thing we don't do the tooth fairy. Noah's learned how to ride his bike all on his own! Knox will be turning four next week. Noah's already said he wants all his presents :) I still haven't planned anything yet. Molly's decided she's a big girl in just about every way except going to the potty. She likes to tell people off by talking real loud and pointing at the palm of her hand with her other pointer finger. I'm not sure where she learned that. Mercy learned to crawl and pull up these last two weeks. I tell ya, when that girl makes her mind up, there's no stopping her. She's beautiful with blue eyes and possibly a little red to her hair. She's wonderful, sweet, fun, loves raspberries, her daddy, and NOT being tackled by her big brothers and sisters. I'm so glad God gave her to us. Pictures coming soon, and since Easter's this weekend, I'm hoping they'll be in bluebonnets.


Mama Chanoli said...

You all sound great! (except for Knox but I hope he has a quick recovery) Thanks for the update! Glad your computer battery is fixed!

Carl said...

Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday! We will be in Houston, so we won't see y'all.