Saturday, January 24, 2009

Seven's Heaven

We have had a great week of sevens. First of all, our oldest son Noah turned seven years old. I've really seen this birthday as a turning point from little kid to young man. He's growing braver, smarter, and stronger all the time. For his birthday his dad got him a BB gun and with his first shot he got a bull's eye! What a thrill. I'm so thankful for him.
2008 824

In other news, we recently found out that baby #7 is on the way. We are absolutely thrilled. Each new baby has been such a joy and a gift, and we look forward to getting to know this little one and falling in love again for the seventh time. Not sure of a due date yet, but I'll post one when I know it. Here's a picture of Patience, just 'cuz. :)
2008 746

We were recently at the SAICFF and were so blessed to get to meet many large families that were an encouragement to us. I especially liked talking to the mother's who had some grown children. I heard the same thing over and over... It gets easier the bigger they are, and more joyful too! I was thrilled to tears to get to meet Mrs. Duggar. She was one of the kindest, sweetest, and most joy-filled ladies I've ever met.
2008 795

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Lessons being learned

God tests his people so that they will learn to fear Him and not man or earthly consequences. He tested Isaac to see if he would obey Him without question and sacrifice his son, his only son. Isaac obeyed, was found faithful, and therefore was spared having to commit the act of sacrificing his son. God is testing me to trust Him in an otherwise unstable and trepidatious time. I have failed and I have feared and cried out against Him. Through Jesus though I am still accounted as righteous. I have learned to submit to His providence because truly there is nothing I can do about it, and He has planned all for my good. He loves me. More than I love my own children. He dotes on me, disciplines me, delights in me. Even though I leave this earth with nothing, I still have His love, and His son's blood to cover me. In heaven I will fear no more. I will lack no more. More importantly, I will doubt no more. Blessed be the name of the Lord.