Saturday, July 30, 2005


Here is a picture of my wonderful family! This was taken around Easter time in front of my mom's house. This is also where we will go swimming just about everyday now. My kids are fast turning into full fledged fish! They had not been swimming before we moved back here this last year, and at first they were petrified and wouldn't let go of us for anything. We'd walk around the pool with kids hanging off of us like monkey's on a tree. Then, all of a sudden, something clicked and now they're pros! Gracie 5, will DIVE into the pool and especially loves to run from across the yard and take a flying leap over everyone's head to do a canonball - it is a riot! Then, Noah 3, Mr. Cautious himself, is jumping off the diving board right and left, and loves every second of it! Of course we're still working on Knox, 2. He's a character that, for some reason, would rather spend his time throwing the pool toys into the pool over and over again than swim. I think he's task oriented! And Jolly Molly is mastering the art of walking on the patio.

It's really wonderful to spend this time together as a family every evening, and I'm so thankful to God for my kids and husband. How much does our wonderful Lord delight in us that He gives us such blessings? Surely, He enjoys us much more than I could ever enjoy the acrobatics of these dear ones. Sometimes I try to grasp the love of God and I think, God loves me like I love my kids. But, no, that's not true, I love my kids only a little bit like God loves us. Thank you, beautiful, and precious Father, for a glimpse of your love!

Monday, July 25, 2005

What kind of mom are you?

Before I had kids, I used to teach and babysit - a lot. And watching these children born of others, I had certain standards in mind that I knew I would uphold to. Now, after being a mom for five years, and pregnant almost three of those, I can honestly say I have not truly stuck to any of those standards. My kids watch way too many videos and cartoons(and no I didn't preview them all before plopping my kids in front of them), they whine, and yes I have yelled at them and spanked them more in anger than love. Yikes! I hate that I've done these things, and just because I've sucumbed, does not mean that I've changed my standards. It just means that I'm still sinful and still weak, although at least a little more sanctified than before I had the kids - I think. In my mind I envision me having structure and orderliness everyday. Meals served on time and with the table beautifully set. TV turned off or thrown away, and me on the floor reading to the smiling children. I think in my head, we're all running around the country side in curtains turned into dresses and singing - if I'm honest :). But then along comes a little thing like a fallen nature and perfectly manicured nails that tie little ones shoelaces, turn into jagged nails throwing a pair of velcro sandals at the kids while you try and get poop out of the carpet. But, I try not to get discouraged too much but press on towards the goal that is set before me. And I sing my psalms a lot more asking God to hear my cry and knowing that He does and knowing that He loves me like I really was that dream lady.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Six Years!

In honor of our sixth wedding anniversary here are some pictures of Chatelherault, the hunting estate in Scotland where we were married. Six years ago this Sunday, I married the best man that I'd ever known and I love him more as each year passes. May God grant us sixty + more!


Now that blogspot is making it easier for me to be almost completely computer illiterate, I can finally add some pictures and let all you out there know that a) I'm not writing from a prison or mental institution and b) I'm not a freak with horns coming out of my three heads. Well, I guess you can judge the freak part for yourselvesbut the horns are obviously not there! That's my hubby on a hiking trail in California with our two oldest. Cutest daddy you ever saw, I know! Here I am with the kids about to head into Carlsbad Caverns on our trip from California to Texas last winter. Cutest kids you ever saw, I know!

More to come soon, I hope!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Shaky Town, Shaky Town, Shaky Town....

Yahoo! My husband's movie is officially for sale now! It is an enlightening and I think inspiring look at the gay marriage fight in San Francisco and across the country. All Christians should see this and know what our complacency can do to our culture. When we sleep others are diligently fighting and winning - don't leave the battle for our children!

Monday, July 11, 2005

I'm Back!

Tomorrow my oldest turns five years old! I'm so excited, not just because I no longer have to say I have four children four and under either! My sweet girl is turning into such a beautiful little lady. I really enjoy her personality and her enthusiastic spirit! I'm looking forward to, Lord willing, having her as a sweet companion to work with and seeing her blossom into a woman of God. Oh, I know I'm turning into a gigantic sap but let me say... I remember her first few days of life that were anxiety filled. The week in the NICU, the IV in her head and all the tubes on her. Not that things were better the next few years, many scares with anaphylactic food allergies, busted nose, an amputated fingertip that alone brought in at least five trips to the ER! Boy, a lot of sanctification has come my way through her life. If you asked me, I'd say that's enough lessons from her for a while! For now we're onto a couple of parties celebrating the Princess Gunn! Happy Birthday!