Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Prayers for Stacy McDonald

I just saw this on one of the bulletin boards I frequent. Colin got to spend a day with this lovely family not to long ago when he interviewed Stacy for his upcoming movie. Please pray for this family!

Emergency Prayer Request May 6 Friends and Families, I am typing this note while sitting in an ER in southern Wisconsin. We have been on the road for three and a half weeks, speaking at New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Michigan, as well as ministering at churches along the way. But an emergency has come up. As background, my wife Stacy, mother of 10, has no feeling in her left foot. Over a month ago, she injured her foot, but did not notice it until it became infected. Our doctor in Houston cleared out the area and prescribed an antibiotic. We noticed the infection returning Thursday evening while at the INCH conference. Stacy's podiatrist called in a prescription of antibiotics Friday. At the Michigan conference Saturday, we met with a homeschooling mother who was also an ER doctor who doubled the antibiotics and told us to watch the infection. Today, while visiting with the Erber family, it looked worse than ever, which brought us here to the hospital. The doctor here believes Stacy's foot infection has entered into her bone. She has recommended we return to Houston as soon as possible. Stacy is now receiving a shot of antibiotics. We will then plan the fastest route to get her home. This condition is quite serious, but we are trusting in the Lord and His Sovereignty. We ask for your prayers. Feel free to forward this request to any who may be able to offer prayer. In His Service, James James M McDonald