Tuesday, April 11, 2006

On the other hand...

There has been much activity around the blogs the last few months regarding R.C. Sproul and his defrocking. Much of it has been venomous and even gleefully so. For the most part, those who defend R.C. and the elders there have remained silent in an effort, I believe, to keep the heresay to a minimum. Here is one man who is standing for that other half. I think it is, at the least, enlightening to hear another side of the story.


tracey fields said...

emily- thanks for linking that- good to know!

prairiemuffin said...

Yes, thanks Emily. That's a good article and the comments are really interesting too. Have you been following Doug Wilson's articles on all this? Two that I found really interesting are,
Many Thanks and Saint Peter
With Wooly Mittens On (cute title that)

Again very interesting comments on both articles.