Tuesday, April 04, 2006

We did it!

Last night marks thebeginning of life for Knox without his pacifier! Yahoo! He has been my only paci baby so far, the others found their thumbs pretty quickly. Not ever having gone through this before, I didn't realize the hardship that would come from not getting rid of that little sucker sooner than later. In retrospect, one year would be the ideal time for taking away the pacifier, but I thought I'd make it "easier on myself" by waiting until two. Well, two years came around and we were in the middle of a transition time, being somewhat homeless and all, so we thought we'd wait until we were settled. Does anybody know when life actually gets "settled"? Because I'm still waiting. Nevetheless, I decided that three years was the absolute limit. His birthday is ten days away, but the pacifier died yesterday anyway. Of course he cried for it all evening long, and finally crashed at 11 last night- we had company so he was up later than usual. The good news, he slept all through the night without it AND is already asleep again tonight without too much fuss for it. He did however walk up to me today and said, "Mom, pacifier died," then fell to the ground in defeat. Good thing I didn't have another pacifier on hand, I might have caved ;)


Marie said...

Joe was pacifier boy at my house.

He had about seven of them at a time, because they were always misplaced.

I finally quit buying them and let them get lost. He actually lost them. I didn't interfere. When he couldn't find one, I'd tell him, I'm not buying anymore. Don't lose them because that's it!

It weaned him off slowly. If Knox is good at taking care of his things, though, it wouldn't have worked for you.

Enjoy your new binky-free life!

Maggie Ann said...

What a cutie. Our daughter was wanting to take the pacy away from our grandson. One day they went to have portraits taken and he threw a royal fit and hurled the pacys' out on the lawn at the studio. She told him he threw them away and that was that. She said later in the day she found him trying to look for it in the diaper bag and even the dishwasher. Btw, they later found out he was hungry and thus the fit. Poor babys, so adorable and helpless yet so ornery at times.