Tuesday, March 28, 2006

You're blessed to be my friend

Now, before that title causes any of you to start throwing things, let me 'splain...

If you're my friend then you've had to have been blessed with an extra patient and gracious spirit :) (See that wasn't as bad as you thought). I am always saying things to people, then days later will realize how offensive it was, and forever after will cringe everytime I remember the conversation - say 20 to 30 times a day. Case in point: The other day I was sitting around with friends talking about how crazy I thought Michelle Duggar was for naming all 16 of her children with a "J" name. I was going on and on about how I would never be able to remember names and my children would grow up with an identity crisis for it all. I realize this doesn't sound too terrible until, like me, you realize that I was talking to a woman who had named all her children with "C" names. (Blush!) She of course had been given her extra measure of kindness from God and just sat there smiling and nodding.


tracey fields said...

i'm with you...it's crazy. i have a friend who named her 4 all "Br" names "Brandon, Brianna, Brittney, Brook"...i used to baby sit them and it made me NUTS! case in point : i could not babysit for the Duggar's!