Monday, November 27, 2006

T-shirt dresses

Kelly requested the instructions for the tshirt dresses I made. This really is a simple design and if I can make it work, anybody can! Trust me!

shirt of your choice
1 yard of fabric (for child's dress)
fusible hem tape (optional: I don't use this. I just hem the dress but some people find the fusible hem tape to be easier)

Steps: Determine the waistline on the dress, and cut off the shirt 1/2-inch below that point. Sew a stay stich around the shirt bottom (making sure not to stretch the material). This will keep you shirt from stretching out when you are sewing the skirt on. Measure from the waistline to the middle of the wearer's knee (or however long your want the dress to be) to determine the length of the skirt. The width should be twice the width of shirt bottom. Cut 2 pieces of fabric using the length and width measurements. Sew skirt pieces together on sides (wrong side together). Fold the hem over fusible hem tape and iron it in place (or just sew a regular hem). For the gathered waistband, sew 2 running stitches around the side of the waist of the skirt. Pull the threads to gather the waistband until its circumference matches that of the shirt. Sew the right sides of the skirt and the shirt together using a 1/2-inch seam allowance. I sew over this again for additional strength.

HT: to Heather from MOMYS. These are actually her instructions. I'm not near creative enough to figure this out on my own ;)


Miriam said...

Your baby is so cute! I found your blog from Sarah's site on xanga. I liked your T-shirt dresses! My littlest girl is walking now, so next summer I want to try to make my 2 girls matching dresses. I used to sew a lot, but havn't in YEARS.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Emily, for sharing the directions to make this dress. I think even I will be able to do this. :-)