Thursday, December 14, 2006

Blankets, dresses, and heroes

Mercy being adorable on a blanket that was knitted for me when I was her age.

Dresses my mom helped me make this week. I love this corduroy fabric that I got for a great deal at the fabric store - I never find great deals so that is really exciting for me :)

I needn't fear any bad guys with these two around! They are always practicing with their light sabers and Noah's getting really good at twirling his around as if he's been trained by a real Jedi. On the right is Annakin and on the left is Obi Wan Kenobi.


Mama Chanoli said...

Everyone looks great! When I look at Mercy I keep thinking I'm looking at you with no hair :) Glad the guys are there to protect the gals who are darling in their new outfits. Thanks for sharing!

Crazy Carl said...

I am very excited about the upcoming additions to the Jedi Council!!! Very cool pics!

Papa Chanoli said...

Just want to drop in a quick Merry Christmas to you before dinner.

God bless you all. We miss you.


Anonymous said...

I miss your precious kids! Great pics on there. Happy New Year to you guys! Love, Karen (kp)

Erik Wait said...

Great pictures. If you ever have trouble with Obi Wan and Annikin eating their veggies tell them they'll have more metaclorians and be stronger with the force if they do. If that doesn't work... just put cheese on them!

Nan said...

We've got Jedi younglings around our place too. It's scary how well they use those light sabres! LOL! We found them padded ones though!