Sunday, January 14, 2007

So much to say...

There's been lots of activity these last few weeks around here. We've had a whirlwind of a visit from my in-laws in which Colin and the three oldest visited Galveston, then he and his brother went to St. Louis, we began the kitchen redo, and all of us went to San Antonio for a visit. Oh, and Gracie got her first loose tooth! Tomorrow is back to the old routine for me and the kids and Colin goes back to work after a nice long vacation time. Here are some pics of our fun but crazy times. The first is Gracie wiggling her tooth for you in front of the old cabinets. Pic two is of the newly painted cabinets. We still have to finish putting the doors on, then we're going to tile the counter and backsplash and add a new sink and faucet. The last pic is of course Mercy - I don't think I can blog without showing her off at least once :) What a cutie and four months old already!


Melanie said... guys have been busy! Great that you got your kitchen cabinets done....looks so nice! And of course, little Mercy is darling as always! Oh...Bethany would like to congratulate Gracie on her first loose tooth. She has lost about 9 altogether and still has a few loose as we speak! Now isn't growing up fun!

Miss you guys! Hugs all the way around!

tracey fields said...

those look great. hey i added you on my "friend list"..i switched to a blog! :) hope all is well. tracey