Wednesday, February 14, 2007

BIG and small...

As we remember God's love today, let us be thankful for more ways He is faithful and loving even when we don't deserve it.

First, and more importantly for my friend Karen that the radiation has removed almost all signs of cancer -- PRAISE THE LORD!!! Five months ago, things looked very grim indeed for Karen and her family but God is restoring her to health and we thank Him mightily for this.

Secondly, I got a stomach bug a couple of weeks ago and I think it is safe to say - eighteen days later, that I was the only one in the family to get it - yes this is a miracle too although decidely smaller than the previous one. I hesitate to put something so seemingly minor with such a large blessing, but I think it's important to mention because it shows that God cares not only for the big concerns of ours, but also for the little ones. And anyone who has lots of small children will know how amazing this really is!

Let all those rejoice who put their trust in You;
Let them ever shout for joy, because You defend them;
Let those also who love Your name
Be joyful in You. Psalm 5:11


Today is the day we focus on that thing called love. It's amazing the lack of attention that we devote to the author of Love today. Too many chocolates and candy hearts giving us brain fog I guess. Don't worry, I'm thinking mainly of my own failings on this, not yours. As we eat our homemade heart cookies with pink sprinkles or open our box of chocolates may we remember that they are a gift from our God who loves us dearly and loves to give us good things. He is the one, not our husbands, children, or friends, who really gives us these presents of love today and everyday. He is also faithful and will continue to bless even when we forget to remember Him in it all. Thank Him today for the loved ones you hold dear, for the chocolate that tastes so yummy and puts a smile in your heart and on your face, and most importantly for Christ who died for us. One day we will be with Him in heaven and will rejoice in that we finally truly, truly know LOVE

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Gavin Newsome apologizes for his affair with his campagin manager's wife?! I think that this is just sick. I cannot believe that this is the man who tried to put himself in charge of our nation's marriage morals while he is stealing another man's wife and taking her for his own. This poor man was working for his wife's adulterer and has now had to resign as a result. Losing wife and job to Mayor Morality!

Today I was out driving with all the kids. I pulled out of a parking lot and was trying to get into the middle turn lane. I had plenty of time except for the fact that some punk in a Mustang decided he wanted to be ahead of me at the red light and sped up at me. I had to quickly move out of the lane so that he wouldn't hit me. Nay, so that he wouldn't hit the van full of children I was driving! I pulled around him to the other side, rolled down my window, and said, "That was completely unnecessary!" To which he answers, "Okay!" in a very sarcastic way while he pushes the buttons on his flip phone. Who is this selfish brat?! And why did his parents raise him to be so spoiled?! Did they think they did a good job because they provided him with things while letting his personality become so vile?! He had a really trendy surfer hair cut that apparently the girls his age just love, and he's out talking on his cell phone while he drives his very fast sports car in reckless abandon for any concern about the others on the road. Hey, at least he's got his priorities straight, right?

I ask myself, are these two pitiful men what the world is offering up today as examples of manliness? How sad! I hope and I pray fervently that my boys will not be like this. I am so thankful that I have such a wonderful husband and father to be an example for my children. He doesn't sit around all day watching sports, nor chase after women, nor drive a flashy car to show off his manhood. But he is a hard worker, selfless, disciplined, faithful, and more to the point today, CAREFUL on the road! I thank God for him especially as it seems he was the last good one left!!