Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Works for me Wednesday

Okay, this isn't really a handy cooking or organization tip but it does help for a mama's sanity. I keep an open bag of dark chocolate chips in the freezer at all times in case of an emergency mommy moment... like when husband is out of town and you're potty-training a stubborn two year old and have used up all thirteen pairs of princess underwear in one day- hypothetically of course.

"Babies are like chocolate chips...So sweet and there can never be enough of them." ;)


it's a Mom thing said...

I give a loud AMEN to your post!!!

Larae said...

Great tip! I'm going to start keeping a bag of chocolate chips in my freezer now! ;) Thanks for sharing! =)

Ribbon Rock Star said...

Ya know I actually have an opened bag in the fridge now and I have been in there sneaking one or two OR TEN!! lol

Great tip!


Melanie said...

Yum yum! Dark chocolate is my favorite too! Not a bad idea, but I am afraid I might eat the whole bag in one day if it was "one of those days!" LOL! Just kidding....well no...not really! hee hee!

Moms4Psalms said...

That's so funny! I do the same thing. :o) Except I have to use either Sam's Choice or Great Value semi-sweet chocolate chips because everything else has dairy and all dairy products make my nursing newborn scream. Junior Mints and After Eight mints are also a great dairy-free chocolate fix! :o)