Friday, August 17, 2007

Dresses, movies, and new friends

I promised a while back to post some pics of Gracie in her party dress, but one of her brothers decided to erase them so that he could take pictures of his Spiderman shoes. We finally got some more pictures, and although these didn't turn out as good as the first ones, she still looks beautiful. :)
Last night, we drove to Dallas to a movie premiere! It was a wonderful Christian movie done by the Heumoore team. We really loved this film and can't wait to get our own copy. These are the same men who made the famous Bubble Trouble movie which is one of my kids' favorites. The boys got to meet their hero Gator and Gracie got to meet Reagan. They were beyond thrilled. Noah kept saying, "Mom, I didn't know the people in the movie were REAL!" The viewing was held at the Faith Prebyterian Church where we got to fellowship with some wonderful new friends. Colin made his rounds with the men and I met in particular a couple of beautiful sisters that were so sweet. They are stay-at-home-daughters and are becoming so skilled in the arts of homemaking. They are where I wish I was when I got married. No - they are where I wish I would be now! The Heumoore boys and the Reins sisters are such inspirations to me as I seek to raise my children to be godly men and women. They are proof that with God's grace, it can be done!


Miss Kelly & Miss Andrea said...

How very unexpected! Thank you for your kind words. I just wanted to stop by and tell you all hello again. And of course see what is happening in your neck of the woods.

A funny story. When we first joined our church, Bubble Trouble had already been produced. A little fellow about 3 years old took one look at my father, who played the bad buy in the movie, and his eyes teared up and his lip started to quiver. Here in his own church was the very same scoundrel he'd seen in the movie! After an explaination and coaxing from a tender hearted older sister he came around.

Just had to share,
Thinking of you all,
Miss Kelly

Duchess of Fife said...

Oh, no! I'm not getting notified anymore when I have comments. I promise I'm not purposefully ignoring anyone :)

Thank you for stopping by again, Kelly, and for sharing that cute story. I hope your dad isn't treated too badly for his "bad guy" image! LOL!