Sunday, May 04, 2008

Okay, I really am trying to update this thing more than once a year :)

So... I had my midwife appt. on Thursday and she said she thought the baby was about 6lbs. That got me really excited because it just made the birth seem all that closer. She is no longer a little itty bitty thing, but the size of a lot of newborns out there - maybe not my newborns necessarily, but still...! I'm hoping for another 8 pounder instead of over 9 like Mercy and Molly were.

The midwife is really great and she has been trying to reassure me that this birth experience and the hospital nurses are going to be much better than the last. Yay!! I am really praying that this birth will be calm, easy, and most importantly joyful as opposed to crazy, chaotic, and stressful like last time. I can't remember if I ever posted that birth story on here or not. Long story short... really mean, rude doctors and nurses calling me racist, telling me I don't love my baby, and that I should just go home because I was "uncompliant." Basically, I came in at full blown labor and transition, tried to decline the i.v. and couldn't answer some questions because I was too busy moaning through contractions and they couldn't see that I was in labor and not just rude. That all happened within twenty minutes of giving birth, by the way.

Anywho... onward and upward, right? :)


mammamolina said...

Okay, you totally forgot the part where the nurses tried to keep the baby from coming out by jumping on top of you. You're my hero for that one! I've never heard of anyone having to wrestle with a nurse while actually giving birth.

Seriously, what are the odds of that ever, ever happening again. This birth has to be much better.

kristi said...

What? I hope everything goes just as you would like but, truly, it couldn't possibly be any worse than last time. Good gravy! Are you telling a name yet? :)