Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Pall Bearers

Today my father was the pall bearer for his neighbor from his childhood. The guy was in his eighties or nineties so it wasn't unexpected, but I know my father didn't know him very well which makes me wonder why they asked him to carry the casket. It occurred to me that maybe this is one of the problems with having just one or two children. So, as I reluctantly trust God with filling our quiver, I am reminded that my own comfort at the present isn't necessarily something worth sacrificing later blessings for. Could it be that God knows better than me on this?! Why am I so stubborn that I don't realize that more often?

P.S. My sons love for me to snuggle them and scratch their backs while I sing Jesus Loves Me. My daughter cried today because she would rather help me cook dinner than play with her dolls. My eight month old cries if she's not riding around the house on my hip. Who says we have to wait til we're old to enjoy these fruits?