Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Love of God

So, my pastor preached on Sunday about how the church tends toward growing cold and forgetting the love of God. Amen! Exactly what I've been struggling with these last few years. I don't feel God's love as a reality in my life and I tend to strive to obey so He doesn't get annoyed at me and just kill me off. What?! Am I crazy? Don't be quick to answer that. How do I ever doubt the extent of His love? This Father of mine who plucked me out of basic obscurity from the masses of naked slobbering gremlins and said, "You there! You will be my beautiful bride today. You will be clothed in white silks and lace and draped in the most expensive and purest of jewels. You will be considered the most beautiful of women and will forever absolved of any more disgusting crimes. No more will you be a thief, a brother hater, an adulterer, and liar. From now on, you are the purest of pure. But what is that you say? You are that way to your core and have no hope of changing on your own? Don't fear, I will take for you my most precious Son, yes I know He's the only one I have and that He is utterly perfect, but that is what is necessary to bring you closer to Me. I will send Him down to the pit where you reside and He will allow the other gremlins to take Him and do their wicked way with Him. He will be in an enormous amount of pain, forget what you know about child birth, this is far worse. And in the end He will hang from His own flesh with the breath to painful for Him to draw to continue on His life. This is how much I love you. How could you possibly doubt how precious you are to me after that?"

I want to remember this and strive to obey because of this instead of trying to earn a worthless medal that the world gives out.

Lord, I long for the day when it will not be a struggle to remember anymore. Thank you for Your love. Thank you.