Tuesday, May 10, 2005

A Princess and a Kiss

We just got this children's book in the mail today. It's called The Princess and the Kiss and it's about the giving away the gift of purity of your first kiss at your wedding - sooo sweet! I read it to my eldest princess who's four, and she just loved it. Anything having to do with her being a princess is great, she would say. I so wish someone would have told me this before I got married. I foolishly gave away my first kiss at age twelve in a game of truth or dare at a friends pool party! Oh, I just cringe at the thought of the boys I kissed, the way I gave away my heart too easily and too often without even having it asked for. I would have been saved so much heartache if I had been taught the truth about boyfriends, dating, and romance. I'm glad that God used my sin for His glory, but how wonderful would it have been to never have gotten my heart set on winning the affection of an ungodly boy, to never have given away God's gift of that first kiss to someone whose name I can't even remember now! I pray for purity for my girls, and for my boys for that matter. May they save their hearts for their future husbands or wives, may they never give away their first kiss, may they always be true princesses and princes of Christ. Amen!


Jasmine said...

I can't wait to get that book, thanks!
Emily, we are so on the same page. It gave me chills reading your post because I just posted about this on Monday.
Sorry for all the comments but I really like what you have to say!

RANDI said...

I have seen this book at a homeschool convention-lovely story! My oldest is 17 and we have talked about "waiting on God for your spouse" for a long time. I am looking forward to the time (a few years away, i am sure) when God shows my daughter who she has been waiting for all this time!