Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Proof of insanity

I go around my house singing all of these really bad made up songs all day. They are usually rip offs of famous songs with changes made ranging from just one word to a complete lyric redo. I don't sit down and come up with these songs, most of the time I just find myself singing them and making them up as I go, sometimes, to be perfectly honest, I'm not sure where they came from. I know, it scares me too. Well, I usually just sing about my kids or my husband, but now I'm starting to sing about blogging. Oh, dear. Here's one for you to hum along with next time you find yourself addicted to this cultural phenomenon of Blogs. It is sung to the tune of a song from Mary Poppins, you know the one with the crazy uncle that laughs so much he floats up to the ceiling. Hmmm, me thinks I see an analogy coming on.... laughing makes you fly, maybe I hope blogging will help me to fly, fly away from dealing with two year olds who play in the poopy toilet their three year old brothers have left behind - yes this really happened today, btw. :(

Anyways! Here it goes:

I love to blog,
loud and long and free!
I love to blog,
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
The more the merrier I'll be!

Well, I never claimed to be Bob Dylan, but, hey, if it keeps a mommy dancing all day, it can't be all bad, eh?

And now, as my husband says,



Jasmine said...

I can relate to that! Do the kids make us crazy or does being crazy make the kids, I wonder...I feel a blog coming on!
You have to laugh, even in the midst of poopy toilet water mess.