Friday, May 13, 2005

Date Night!

Well, dear hubby and I finally got to go out alone tonight. We hadn't been on a date in about three months which actually, for us, is not that long. When we were out in California we would have to wait until a Grandma flew in from either Texas or Scotland in order to get a date night. So, my sweet sister was in town - who is my bestest friend next of course to dear hubby, and who is the namesake for dear daughter #2 - and she watched all four of my kids along with all five of hers so my honeybuns and I could go out for a couple of hours.
We went to the Cotton Patch Cafe which was great and ate some real Texas chicken fried steak! It was smothered in country style gravy with country style mashed potatoes and country corn on the side. What more could a country girl ask for? How nice to hold hands over the table and not be interrupted a cajillion times! Well, anyway, enough blogging for one night. Time to go and kiss my handsome date good night! ;)