Thursday, September 22, 2005

House it going?

That's the punch line to one of my kids' favorite knock knock jokes. They're developing quite the repertoire of these lately.

Well, dear husband got back in town safely. We're so glad to have him back, but he, and consequently we, are busier than ever. On top of his regular work, he is trying to help with the kids so that I can finally get over this nursing infection, mow the lawn, unpack boxes, refinish floors, and now he is gearing up for the SAICFF coming up in a few weeks. He doesn't have an official entry this time but they are showing his trailer to his upcoming flick, "The Monstrous Regiment of Women." He's got a blog up for this new project and is letting me post on there as well. So, if you don't see me in this neck of the woods, wander on over to

See you there!


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