Friday, September 16, 2005

Where is your faith?

As we moved into our new house, I excitedly prepared for my first major appliance purchase - a brand new washer and dryer! I researched all over the web, and the stores around town, as well as consumer reports. I found a top of the line Maytag set for a really good deal at Discount Vacuum and Appliance, plunked down my money, and voila! I had a fantastic laundry system that I was going to put to some serious use. Or so I thought. Three days ago I noticed that my clothes were sopping wet at the end of the cycle. So, thinking it was a minor issue with the installation, I called in the company that sold it to me. Come to find out it is the transmission that is out and will be at least a week to order the parts, etc. I am truly upset.

Just to give a bit of background to this, for the past three years we rented a duplex with a small stackable washer/dryer system in it. The system was at least twenty years old and was under a warranty through sears. This thing would break down every few months and I would have to call up Sears for an appointment which was usually two weeks away. After that appointment, the technician would have to special order parts because of the age of the machines, and deliver them to my house. When I got the parts I would have to call Sears and make another appointment which was again about two weeks away. Finally when number three was born and I was in the hospital, it broke again, and I was without a washer machine for two months. I got sick of this method of doing things and for the last year we lived there I would just hold the washer mahcine together, literally, while it washed a set of clothes. Keep in mind that it was so small it wouldn't wash more than two towels at a time, then would take over two and a half hours to dry it all.

Needless to say, I was so excited about my brand new washer machine.

So, as it breaks down these last few days, and I look to God for guidance in this, for I know that everything is for my good and for His glory, I realize I had misplaced my trust and foolishly squandered it on the things of this world. I should've relied upon my Lord for my hope for providing clean clothes for my family and not this new state of the art washer machine. I have put my trust in the chariots and the horses of technology and not in the all encompassing power and love of my God. Thank you Lord that you have guided me back and used this experience to remind me of Your goodness, sovereignty, and love for me.

Psalm 20:7