Friday, December 09, 2005

Manic Week?

On Monday, I blogged about how my precious two year old was keeping us busy. He is a truly amazing young man. So full of energy, so independent, so fun. I love him dearly, but I must say, he gave me a run for my money this week. Monday's already been said, we won't go there again - see I'm already blocking out the bad memories. Tuesday, we woke up to a freshly painted bathroom and a freshly painted son. Only problem was he'd used red nail polish. Another day I walked into the kitchen to find him guzzling syrup. Another day, he played trivial pursuit by himself by spreading ALL the cards around the playroom. Did I mention I love him dearly? Did I mention sometimes I have to say that to myself through gritted teeth?

But that wasn't the only excitement around here. So far I've had one chest xray, one purse robbery, and one gas leak in the house. I'm not gonna lie to you, there were a few crying babies around here, and one of them was of the thirty-something age. It's been a real struggle in faith to maintain composure and patience and perspective. I've failed that test often enough, but God promises that all things are for my good. And He never lies. I've seen that as I go through this trial, I have to cry out to God to give me grace, to give me strength, to give me ability, and to give me a heart that wants to obey. None of those things are innate in me, and the excitement around here has only been the wave-maker that surged my sin to the surface. It's taught me to cling to Christ, to pray when it's hard, and to thank Him for forgiving me and taking care of my children's hearts despite me.

Thank you Lord, for the lesson - I had so easily forgotten.