Thursday, December 29, 2005

Really?! No guesses at all! Okay, well here's another picture of the same animal, but from a slightly different persepective. :)

Now let's see who gets it!


Laura said...

Aha! That looks a bit more traditional...congratulations, Emily and Colin!

Julie said...

YAY! I kept thinking is that a stork? What was a stork doing in their yard...yes I am a bit ditzy! Congratulations.


Duchess of Fife said...

Thanks, ladies! Sometimes subtlety just doesn't pay off!


norwester said...

I looked all over bird sites trying to figure out that bird. I was trying to figure out what could live in TEXAS that looked like that!

Ha, you're just too clever for me. Congratulations! :)

Moms4Psalms said...

I just saw the "seven of us" picture. I am thrilled for you guys!!



John Knox said...

Aww, norwester! I'm sorry for that mean trick! Next time I'll be much more forthright!

Hi, Moms4psalms! I think this makes us even now, right?! I know, I know, it's not a competition... ;)

Duchess of Fife said...

NOT John Knox here either! Sorry!

JamieS said...

aww!! congrats Emily!! Now you're ahead of me... but it's not a competition, you're right. ;)