Friday, July 28, 2006


The kids were playing outside today in the waterhose and were surprised by this little guy trying to join in their fun. Poor thing, I bet he didn't plan on this kind of party! He probably just thought God was finally sending him some rain. Well, the kids had a blast even if he didn't.


mammamolina said...

Very cute!! I noticed Molly is missing from the picture. I bet she would have enjoyed it even less than the frog. LOL

Crazy Carl said...

That is very cool! Sammy and Noel have not come across many frogs in our neck of the woods. The expression on your kids faces is priceless.

amy said...

I told Gracie at church last Sunday that I thought the shirts they were all wearing made them look like the frog, but she looked at me like I might have two heads. That's normal, right?