Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Seven fun things

This weekend was full of special occurrences.

1. First we had a guest preacher at church on Sunday. When he got up to preach I got excited because he had a British accent and I thought how fun for Colin to have someone from the mother land to talk to. Afterwards, Colin did get a chance to talk with him. Turns out he hails from Houston of all places and got his accent from diction lessons! Well, I thought it was a little too weird to have a British, reformed, Woody Allen impersonator preaching at our church. Too many distincitves and it just gets plain creepy. :)

2. We drove down to Redeemer OPC in Pflugerville Sunday evening to hear the great 81 year old G.I. Williamson preach. He was sharp as a tack and his preaching was fantastic!

3. On the way home we HAD to stop for some gas (part of the problem with spontaneous road trips on Sunday). Anyway, the gas station was in front of a field, and while we sat there we saw skydivers swarming the skies right in front of us. Turns out that field is where the Skydivers Temple land. They were swooping in and out - we were so excited to be treated to an unexpected show!

4. This is out of order chronologically, but sobeit! Anyway, last week Colin bought me a laptop that my sister had found and picked up for us. It was a great deal and it has been so nice to be able to be mobile while on the computer. It also helps because I can sit on something soft and cushy so my pelvic bones don't hurt so bad.

5. I'm thirty-four weeks now. Baby's heart rate was in the 150's. Hmmm....

6. There's not much to say here , but I want to get to number seven because....

7. Monday was our seventh year anniversary!! My mom came over to babysit and even cleaned house as a surprise for me while we were gone. Colin and I had a nice time going out to eat then out to Barnes and Noble. It was so relaxing and we laughed a lot and got to talk a lot - how wonderful :)


amy said...

Emily, Those are 7 great blessings. I pray there are more to come! Amy Drake

Crazy Carl said...

Very cool! I am glad you and Colin were able to celebrate your anniversary with a fun time!