Saturday, October 13, 2007

Turning a corner

Yesterday marks a new era in the Gunn household. Gracie learned how to put sheets on a bed all by herself! She worked so hard for an hour and then called me in to surprise me. I was so thrilled to see her try so hard. The girls beds are particularly difficult because you can't pull them out from the wall. Even I have a hard time getting the corners all the way down. She is becoming such a wonderful helper and companion to me.

In other news, we are thrilled to announce that we expecting a new little one sometime next June! So far so good with the morning sickness, but I'm losing my taste for chocolate :(

BTW- my other computer had a nasty virus on it, so I've switched to another one for awhile. This unfortunately makes me lose access to my pictures so none to post right now. I will try to figure out how to do them on this machine soon.


Rachel said...

That is so nice that Gracie can help with changing sheets. I need someone to do that around here, maybe then they would actually get changed on a regular basis. Gracie is such a sweet girl.
I am so sorry about the losing your chocolate taste...very sad. Maybe I need to do that too!
Again, big congratulations to the Gunns. We're so excited for you.

Laura B said...

Ohh, excellent to hear all of it, except for the virus and especially about the baby! Congratulations!

Mama Chanoli said...

Hey - great news!!! Well, except for losing the taste for chocolate. Only temporary though!! God bless you!

Miss Kelly & Miss Andrea said...

Hooray for Gracie! She will make a wonderful wife someday.

It is amazing how rewarding such milestones are to a home-keeper. Dressing themselves is a big one. But when it comes to them actually putting on clothes that match and clean ones at that it really gets exciting! Then when the day arrives and they show up for breakfast dressed right, with hair combed and teeth brushed and you have no qualms about letting them eat in their "nice clothes" (because you are about to go out into public) It is rewarding indeed.

Just last July, Reagan came to me and said, "Don't get up in the morning. I will cook for everyone and then that way you can sleep in and get some rest." It was during John's film shoot, I was terribly sick and there were 14 people to feed.

What a blessing indeed!

Now, on a note of losing your craving for chocolate a normal effect of being pregnant? I don't know if I should get married. lol...

God bless,
All the best,
Miss Kelly

Leigh said...

Congratulations!! I am SO happy for you all!! It was just wonderful to see clips of your family and your wedding on the Monstrous Regiment documentary!!

I wrote a brief note on the MR on my blog. I really enjoyed it!

Take care,

tracey fields said...

congrats ! sorry about the morning sickness...that feels horrible.

Sarah said...

Ohhhh... just when I thought I was catching up to you. :-) Ha ha. Congratulations!!

MamaK said...


That is WONDERFUL news that you're having a new baby.

And really, before you know it, Gracie will be taking on entire areas of homemaking and then you'll REALLY be amazed. My oldest is 15 now (which is astonishing, because I still think of myself as, like, 21!), and the kitchen is her domain. I just plan and make the meals (well, she even does much of the preparing, too!), and she totally is in charge of that area. It's SUCH a blessing. Enjoy every day, I tell ya.


Duchess of Fife said...

Thanks, all!! We're very excited around here. And not to worry, this food aversion thing soon passes and my chocolate addiction comes back with a vengeance around week 13 :)

Marci said...

That is wonderful.

Congrats on your movie. We got it early (you shipped ours accidentally with the international ones) and I can't say enough about it. I have told many people about it and will continue to encourage parents to watch it. May the Lord continue to bless you and yours!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the movie, and baby...

Hugs a fellow momys!

Miss Kelly & Miss Andrea said...

Andrea and I just watched Colin explaining feminism 101 on the Everyday News Network this morning, on Vision Forum. It was so good. What a great opportunity to teach so many young ones who the guys (& gals?) in the black hats are today.
Boo to the feminists!
All the best,

Ruthanne said...

Emily, Emily, Emily ~

Oh, congratulations to you and Colin for so many things!

Most importantly, glory to God for the precious little one He is lovingly knitting together in your womb! This is wonderful.

Then of course, congratulations to the Monstrous Regiment of Women team. I haven't actually seen it yet but am thrilled it won the Jubilee. If He is pleased to do so, may the Lord use this film to open the eyes of many. May it change womens' lives, save babies' lives and ultimately, help bring others to a saving knowledge of JESUS.

With much, much love,
~ Ruthanne

Leigh said...

I just saw your husband's exceptance speech on Doug Phillips blog! Awwwwww! I totally cried! It is very obvious he loves and values you very much!

Leigh :)

Anonymous said...


How are you? Feeling okay these days? Back to chocolate yet?

Hope all is well.



tracey fields said...

hey- are you ever going to update??