Friday, April 11, 2008


....for not posting in sooo long! Our camera broke and I hate posting without pictures - I'm afraid I'll bore everyone to tears ;) Anyway, we're still here. I'm 32 weeks, about to pop, and would do just about anything to be able to bend over without having to grunt to breathe.
I'm thinking about live blogging the birth - wouldn't that be fun :)


Anonymous said...

For us? or For you? Hey, maybe I can come and you can dictate to me!

Love ya sis!

Miss Kelly & Miss Andrea said...

Count two votes for the "Yes" catagory.

Glad to hear from you,
Kelly & Andrea

Leigh said...

There you are! :) I would love to read your live birthing experience! I am so glad you are doing well :)


Lee Ann said...

What exactly is live blogging the birth of a child?