Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Make no mistake...

Let me be clear that my last post is not an endorsement for Mrs. Palin as VP. I think she is a very respectable and admirable woman. The fact alone that she has five kids and still manages to have her hair and makeup immaculate is amazing! ;) However, I also believe that God's Word is clear that women were not created for government leadership.

Biblical exhortation on this subject is found here. Pastor Morecraft gives clear teaching on why Deborah is not an excuse for voting for Sarah Palin. I encourage you to listen to the whole thing. It is very moving.

My personal feelings on the matter can be found here. The Botkin sisters are so courageous to speak out on the topic of biblical womanhood. I've seen first hand just a small portion of the attack launched on people when they dare to speak out against the cultural norm of feminism. Such bravery in ones so young! I hope they will inspire many other women as they did me.


Miykael Sehleon said...

Thanks for making a stand on this.