Thursday, September 18, 2008

Would you prefer pics?

Beautiful Patience is all smiles. Don't be fooled. Beneath those fat rolls is a lot of muscle. She's rolling over, trying desperately to sit up, and just started bouncing herself in her rainforest jumper
Admiring the ceiling fan.
Fantastic Four. Please notice the Princesses posing on the left, Chuck Norris/ninja man, and Spidey-hands on the right.
Mercy with her birthday cake. Poor girl, nobody thought to wipe off her spaghetti birthday dinner face. And she apparently was left to fix her own hair as well. That's what happens when you're number five...left to fend for yourself. Although, I don't know, it kind of works in a cuter-than-anything-two-year-old sort of way.
Fairy princess Molly. Yes, I let her dance on the furniture. It was her birthday after all.
Uh-oh... Something tells me that someone knows they're cute.


Maegan said...

LOVE all the pictures! Especially the one of the Fantastic Four. That is quite a cute little fairy costume Molly has! Hope to see you all soon!