Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Biggest and Littlest

DSC_0897, originally uploaded by cgclan2003.


Karen said...

Oh, that is so darling, Emily. What a precious picture!

Congratulations again...and welcome home!

kristi said...

Awww.... Very sweet. Tell us though - how big was Patience? She seems to have some nice roundness about her :) At her age we like that! And please do something about Gracie - she's getting all grown up and that's not allowed ;) Naw - I bet she's a wonderful big sister....

Karen said...

I agree with Kristi - she looks like one of my bigger ones!!


Are you recovering alright? Hope all is well!

Leanne said...

She is gorgeous and you are incredibly blessed!!!

I'm glad you are in the comfort of your own home now!!!

God bless your family!

Leanne in Longview