Friday, June 27, 2008

Patience is almost three weeks old now and we're settling into a nice routine. She's such a sweet and even tempered baby. She's awake a lot more now and usually just sits there looking around peacefully. The kids love her! Gracie, Noah, and Knox can't get enough snuggle time. Molly cracks us all up trying to tickle her. Mercy giggles with delight when she sees her and keeps trying to kiss her head. Sorry no pictures. Colin is in Scotland for two weeks and took the camera. Not that I'd know how to use it if I did have it! We've survived so far thanks to a really amazing Aunt Amanda. I could NOT have made it so far without her.


Leanne said...


Isn't life grand!

Colin went to Scotland!I'm sorry you couldn't go with him.....

I wish my family could be there in Scotland with the VF group...

I'm glad you have help at home!

Hang in there!

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