Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Birth Story...

If you remember my horror birth experience with Mercy, then you will understand all my fears and trepidation at my impending birth of Patience. I just could not bear the thought of going through that torture again. However, this experience was amazingly calm, peaceful, and joyful - exactly what I'd prayed for. God was so kind to show his graciousness and love to me through her birth. I have been so blessed in so many ways.

Sunday morning, two days after my due date:
6am Water breaks. I wake up to a weird feeling and run to the bathroom and there is a huge gush of water. I immediately start shaking as I think things are about to get rough really fast. I call the midwife and decide to wait until the first contraction comes along before I head to the hospital. I take a shower to try and calm down.
6:55am First contraction. After waiting nearly an hour I finally have a contraction but it is so mild I know this isn't really the beginning. I have a couple of sporadic and mild ones so I decide to lie down and rest.
7:30 am First "real" contraction. This one is intense and feels much more like my beginning labor contractions. I call the midwife and decide to head on into the hospital while there's still plenty of time. I want to get settled in early so I can have time to relax before the end. I have 3-4 more intense contractions on the way to the hospital. I have two more as I walk from the car to the entrance and my midwife Christy meets us outside during the second one.
8am Arrive up to my floor and tell Christy and Colin that I want an epidural. I'm not in pain but the memories are flooding back just from being up at the labor and delivery ward and I'm anxious to avoid my previous experience. Christy looks at Colin who shakes his head then she says, "Hmm.. do you always feel that way at the end?" I say, "No you don't understand!" She says, "Well, let's get to the room and see where we are." I'm thinking I don't care I just want out of this deal now!
8:20am Get checked. 8cm. Now I'm still doing great. The contractions are far apart and fairly easy. The nurses and Christy are fantastic and back off quietly during contractions. Super understanding and helpful. I'm even able to make a joke or two between contractions. I am amazed at how God is caring for me through this and making it a truly easy and wonderful time. Things are feeling "pushy."
8:45am I think Lord, this is great, but could you please get this over with in the next contraction?
8:46 am Overwhelming push and there is Patience Olivia!

She's beautiful, wonderful, sweet, and precious. I am so thankful to God for all He has done for me and for blessing me with another amazing daughter.

ETA: 8lb 10 oz. :D


Leanne said...

Wow, isn't God good??!!

I love reading birth stories...and I loved reading yours!

I tend to start freaking out as soon as we find out I'm pregnant! So I get nervous for like 10 mths! I've never really had a horrible experience, been delivering at the same hospital with every child, since's that feeling like the next one is going to be the horror story, I guess!

I'm so glad your gift is here!

Leanne in Longview

kristi said...

Check you out! I am so glad you could have a wonderful birth story to report - that is great! Enjoy her as much as you enjoyed getting her here :)

Karen said...

That is a FANTASTIC story, Emily. When I was pregnant with my 6th, and in labor with him, I went through a similar panic, but DID (after 5 home births) go in to the hospital for an epidural and hospital birth...But the Lord was so gracious during it; and my 7th delivery was so amazingly short and sweet and 50-60% less pain, it was such a gift. For the first time, I came away from a birth saying, "I can't WAIT to do that again!"

God is good. I'm glad your little Patience is here!

Nikki said...

Sounds like a dream come true. I'd like to have had a labor like that.

Susan said...

This was great thanks for sharing. I had a terrible delivery with number 6 and number 7 is due in about three months and I am already getting nervous. Thanks for the encouragement.

Bethany said...

Congratulations, Emily!! She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!