Thursday, November 03, 2005


Like the naturally competitive person I am, when picking out a new vacuum cleaner recently, I started shopping for the best. To me, that was the $600 Dyson. However, when mentioning this to my husband, he reminded me that I married a Scot (i.e. tightwad). Usually I am in agreement with him on such matters, having about 70% Scottish blood running through me. This time however, was different. I coveted this. So I went to ebay looking for a cheap one. And I found one for about 400 bucks. Again, the answer was "No chance." So, I looked for the next best thing online and that was the Hoover Windtunnel. I found one on ebay for $100 including shipping. Usually retails for around 300. So I ordered it, and not surprisingly, my husband was right. First of all, I had it in my hands less than two days after ordering. Second of all, it has survived what no other vaccuum I've had could - sucking up all the sand from refinished hardwoods and a two pound bag of sugar that my little Dash drug all over the house - yes, that was a wonderful surprise this Monday morning. AND it still has amazing suction! I vaccuum about three times a day usually, and the thing is still pulling up tiles in my kitchen. NO, I don't think it matters they are just the stick on type. Unbeleivable, I think! So, I'm glad to say there are real and tangible blessings for submitting to my husband - only one is a great deal on a great vaccuum.


Jenna said...

Hah! New vacuums are great! When we moved into our new house my husband got me a beautiful one for a housewarming present. A Dyson. Not the $600 one (I didn't know there was one like that!) but the standard one. My new neighbor asked me if I was perturbed that I got such an unromantic, get-to-work type of present. No way! It's like the bestest present ever! I love useful gifts. I have no use for jewelry or fancy cars. For a touch more insight into the sick and twisted mind of me...I will tell you what I got for Valentine's day.

A pan.

But it was a really nice pan! The pan of my dreams!