Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Super heroes

My two sons LOVE Batman and Superman. They have never actually seen these characters in a movie or on tv, but they've heard plenty from their cousin Mikey (9 years old). And they've gotten enough hand-me-downs from said cousin to at least recognize the characters when shopping for say, new shoes :) .

However, when talking about real heroes that are super I quickly point them towards their Dad and other men of God who are living their lives in accordance with God's word. No, these men cannot leap tall buildings in a single bound, nor do they have x-ray vision, but they are daily sacrificing in a million small ways that, in my opinion, is far more brave than any superhero you can imagine. By daring to raise large families and trying to bring every point of their lives into step with what God would want rather than what the world would dictate, they daily help to rid the world of evil. When I describe a real man to my sons, to show them how they should live, you can bet the guy ain't wearing tights, and he doesn't hide his true identity. He is strong and he is brave(Deut. 31:6), and he is bold (Rom 1:16). But his powers do not come from another planet or a really cool utility belt but rather from the blood of Christ (1Pet 4:11). My prayer is that my sons will be more like this Man every day.


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