Monday, November 14, 2005

Weekend Update

We had a very exciting weekend filled with lots of firsts. We drove down to Austin, and stayed with my sister Friday night. Colin and I got the chance to leave the kids with her and the cousins and go out on our own for a date. It was our first date alone in months. We went to downtown Austin to the infamous 6th street and saw a comedy show headlining our friend John Ramsey. He starred in his brother's film last year called, "Washington's Cross." It won the audience choice at Vision Forum's film festival. We'd never been to a comedy club before, and except for a few crude lines, the other comedians were pretty funny. John Ramsey on the other hand was fantastic! His jokes were clean, smart, and funny. He did several jokes on history and the bible that were so intelligent, I wished I had a rewind button just to catch the whole thing. He'd won the Funniest Person in Austin award this year, and it's obvious why. We hope he can go far with his routine.

The second new thing we did was to go to the Scottish Games Festival in Salado. It was really interesting and Colin got to talk to some Scottish folk, eat some haggis and scotch pies, drink some Irn Bru, and watch a pipes parade. It was really exciting. We met up with our friend Neil Johnston and his two children. Neil plays a mean bag pipe and wore his kilt in honor of the event too. His kids played great with ours. Gracie and Elissa(6) are best buddies, and Noah and Daniel(4) made a million jokes about the cow patties(the festivities were in the middle of a live field so to speak) and all other kinds of poop. We also ran into some people we knew through Vision Forum - the Fisher twins who made "The Art of Play", Josh Goforth and his brother Caleb, and Josh Wheeler. Anyway, a great time was to be had by all. We all came home exhausted. The kids were in bed by 6:30 that night, and Colin went to bed at 8! I was the strong one who stayed up until the wee hours of 10p.m. But we're all recovered and so grateful to our Lord for blessing us with these fun adventures and times of fellowship. Now on to the next one!


Moms4Psalms said...


Do you know where I can get my hands on some Irn Bru?!!!!??? I did not think it could be found anywhere in the U.S. ....

Duchess of Fife said...

Unfortunately there was just one lady at the festival that we saw that had a few bottles. When we lived in N. California we were able to buy some at the British food stores in Pleaasanton. We heard however, that they weren't selling it in the U.S. anymore because of some chemical that wasn't FDA approved. I'm sketchy on the details though, sorry!