Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Several Things...

First of all, I did not want to fail to mention what an enormous help my mother's helper has been to me. Mrs. Henley came over for a couple of hours today and was able to help me through a week's worth of chores in that time. We have an empty laundry basket :) and a clean refrigerator! During my morning sickness time, someone had spilled soy milk all over the fridge and I have just left it there for about two months now :( I am so excited just to open the door and see all it's shiny clean whiteness! Thank you God for sending Mrs. Henley and for her being so gracious to help out.

Secondly, I was with my sister-in-law shopping at Old Navy before Christmas when her purse went missing. She was very upset at losing her daughter's special bracelet not to mention some gift cards. Well, they call today and had apparently found it somewhere in the store. We may never know what really happened but what a praise to have her purse back!

Thirdly, here is an excellent posting followed by a lively comment section on the ever-present (at least on my blog) issue of quiverfulledness. I'm really trying not to harp, but I get so excited when someone says so eloquently what I have tried to but can't.

Lastly, despite appearances here at the Ceilidh, there is much exciting news around the Gunn household. We've had an ultrasound where everything looked healthy. Colin and my mom now know what sex the baby is, but I still do not-we'll see how long it lasts ;) We finally finished painting the den and will redo the floor in there and the kitchen once we finish painting the kitchen - but I don't think you should hold your breath or anything. The den actually looks great thanks to my other mother's helper -my mom. She has a gift in that area wher I am sorely lacking. Also, I've got my first rose bushes planted and have kept them alive for whole days now - again, no telling how long it will last. Gracie, Noah, and Colin are gearing up for their trip to Scotland next week - wish I was too. Knox's birthday is Friday, he'll turn three - his voyage into manhood begins :)

I'll try and post some new pics soon, of the den, the kids, and maybe, if I'm brave, one of me. Now, back to my happy quiver.


Moms4Psalms said...


Very curious about your "mother's helper." How did you find this woman? Do you pay her or did she volunteer? Think she'd drive a few hundred miles to help ME out?


Marie said...

I am looking forward to loaning out my daughters as mother's helpers in a few short years!

I wanted to tell you I thought of you today 'cause I saw a man at Safeway dressed in a kilt!

Duchess of Fife said...

Hi, Moms! I only learned about this idea a few months ago on biblicalwomanhood.com. I asked my bible study ladies to pray for one for me, and one of the ladies volunteered her time once a week.

gnoelle said...

Wow, Emily, I really have to tell you that I've been doing a lot of reading and investigating since your blog was introduced to me.

I'm just so puzzled at how a Reformed Believer could quote someone who thinks we need to "let" God be in control of how many children we have. God is in control whether we acknowledge it or not. I know lots of birth control babies... and babies born after surgeries. And He doesn't NEED us to raise armies to fight the Muslims or Hindus... think about Gideon's army or Joshua and Jericho. He may USE your children that way and so you have that calling on your life - but I don't think He NEEDS us. I believe He uses us for His own glory how ever He sees fit.

I believe my children are the biggest blessings I have next to my salvation and Todd... but because I only have 2, does that mean I'm less loved or blessed by God???? What about God's will for everyone being different? If not, how could you explain a VERY godly couple I know well that have been married for 25 years and NEVER used birth control and yet only have one natural child???

I totally respect your opinions, but I do not see birth control as a black and white issue Biblically - even after reading all the versus on quiverfull.com, etc. etc. I believe God's plan for everyone is different. His plan for your life is obviously to have many children. I love each one of my nieces and nephews and will continue to do so as that number grows and grows. Each one of them are a gift from the Lord. I just think we should be careful about saying we know God's will for everyone in the area of birth control. What would you say to Sarah who had to wait almost 100 years for a baby??? And then being only blessed with one? Was she less loved or blessed... or was that just God's will for her life???

Duchess of Fife said...

This could be a lengthy discussion. Let's talk about it offline soon.