Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Faking It

I think women in general are competitive. We wanna be prettier than that girl, or thinner than this one, or a better house keeper than all of them put together. It's part of that whole sin nature thing. We're busy watching out for number one and making sure that everyone thinks we're great, instead of seeing us as we really are - horrible, ugly, disgusting wretches.

This not only does a disservice to women individually but as a group as well. It makes the housewife who is struggling with cleaning the kitchen for the fourth time that day feel like she is the only one who wrestles with the issue. It makes the exhausted mom who fights to be kind and sweet when all she really wants to do is take a nap, feel like the laziest person in the world. What a lie! The truth is that yes, those moms are lazy and selfish, but hey, newsflash - so are we all! There is not one sin that a mom fights against, that is also not fought against by two million other moms.

Instead of putting make up over our sins and pretending like the bad complexion underneath doesn't exist, we should be much more like the scripture that says to boast in our weaknesses! No, that doesn't mean we should be glad we're lazy, mean, and self-centered. It does mean that we speak openly with others so that they can encourage and also be encouraged. After all, yes we struggle agaisnt sin, but the ultimate fight has been won already. We our perfect before God for eternity, even though the flaws show right now. Today I met with a friend and we at first hesitated to share our problems with each other, but once we did, we both realized that we were going through many of the same valleys, and we could inspire one another on to keep trying, and fighting the good fight.

So, today, I encourage all women out there to stop covering up and really begin to love your fellow sisters in Christ. You never know who you might be relieving of an undue burden of feeling alone in their struggles.

God bless!


norwester said...

Good post. We either seem to want to put up a front or wallow in our failings. Neither is very helpfull! :)

Duchess of Fife said...

Thanks for stopping by, norwester!

Manda said...

Here, here and yay for the inspired psalms as well! I found your link over at Amy's in the comment section of her post about hymns.