Saturday, October 29, 2005

We're back!

We had a fantastic time at the festival! Saw some good movies, met some great people, and felt really encouraged as a family and filmmaker. Taking the kids with us, I knew it was probably gonna be an, "I'll watch the kids, honey, and you can talk with your film making peers." kind of weekend. But, I really got blessed by meeting some great ladies. There was a sweet lady named Julie J(I'm not gonna even try to spell her last name because I will butcher it mercilessly) from San Antonio. She had seven kids and we met her in the car park on the way into the festival. She has seven kids and let me tell you, knows how to park a suburban in a TINY spot! Then there was Carmon, a truly sweet and fun spirit. Both of these ladies have enough kids to have their own baseball teams and were kind enough to encourage me on my way out of toddlerhood - must've not hid my fatigue as well as I thought :) . And I briefly met Mrs. Hayden of Caleb's mom fame. She said she wanted to read my blog - she might be the first! Then there was a brief visit with Jennie Chancey who got to see me lose a child among the crowd- not my proudest moment. And lastly was Noelle Goforth and her sons William and Myles, as well as Noelle's sister Aimee. William was born just a few days after my oldest son and is an amazing joyful young man with a king-sized handshake! I was honored to meet him and his brave Mama.

As far as details of the films at the festival, I think you'll need to read another's website - like I said, we brought all four kids with us! But, it was great to not stand out from the crowd for a change. In fact, I think we were one of the smaller families there. I was blessed, and I hope others were as well.

See ya again next year!


Hayden Family said...

Emily, Indeed it was a blessing to meet you and your precious family at the SAIFF. I am looking forward to reading more of your blog-thoughts. This morning I was praying for you and your husband with your project the "Monstrous Regiment of Women." The radical feministic agenda to emasculate men must be effectively conveyed then quenched. Of course, you and your husband are doing this in your daily lifestyle by lovingly assuming your Biblical roles and living these out before your children as you train them up in the nurture and discipline of the Lord. I will hold you up in prayer before God's throne of grace.

Duchess of Fife said...

Thank you, Sherri! Indeed, we need much prayer as we undertake this film. It is a daunting task. May you all be blessed as you press on towards the goal every day!

Kim C. said...

I found you by your comment on my blog - thanks for visiting!
I wish we had met at the film's so nice to put a face to a blog. Maybe next year?

Duchess of Fife said...

Kim C., That would be great! I hope you didn't mind me posting on your blog. I was up at three in the morning thanks to a friendly little cough, and found myself surfing the web. I think I came upon your blog via Norwester's, and when I saw a great birth story and chocolate, I was hooked!