Friday, October 07, 2005

I took all the kids to the grocery store by myself today, and was quickly reminded why I usually prefer my husband to come along too. But since we were desperately out of milk, cereal, bread, and all other forms of food, we had to make the sacrifice. Not only, was it lunchtime - I know, I know but darling husband was in a demo and we needed the house quiet right then, not to mention there wasn't anything for lunch :) - but to top it off, it was sixty degrees outside and momma hadn't checked the weather that day. So I drag all my kids clad in sandal and shorts into the store, two of whom were literally crying because they were so cold. BTW, this is not one of those I went to the store and was told how sweet and well behaved my kids were kind of stories. My three year old continued crying the first ten minutes and holding my leg in such a way that my skirt was being raised up to an embarrassing level. I finally had to discipline him in the store rather than wait to get in the car, because it was really just too much and frankly I think those around me were glad to see him be spanked. Not one of my proudest moments - but then pride isn't something to strive for. My five year old actually whined for a balloon, something she isn't prone to do nowadays. My one year old did really well to her credit and God's mercy, and my two year old was pleasant as well. All in all, it was a good learning experience for the kids and me, and after their spankings they were very cheerful and compliant. I was glad I went with them all, and despite my humbling, felt like I learned alot about remaining calm during a few chaotic moments. I wouldn't have preferred this experience, but I know God used it for my sanctification anyway. So, thanks be to God!