Monday, October 03, 2005

God's little jokes

Of course God has a sense of humor! How do I know? He's given the world's biggest bug scardey-cat a house that went unoccuppied for months and now has an infestation of roaches that think they own the place. Everyday I have a run in with at least one and sometimes up to five of these pesky little creatures. In case you were not aware, the roaches in Texas are, like this blog, Texas Sized. Two inches on average, and if you think I'm kidding, just count how many cans of bug spray are lying around my abode. So, yesterday I find one in the kitchen which dear husband helped me to attack. We chased it across cabinets, behind the toaster, around the trash can, and at last it got smart and scurried under the refrigerator. Thinking it had been sprayed with enough poison to kill it in a minute or two, I relaxed a bit only to have the thing come sprinting out from underneath straight at me! Visions of roach caught in my long skirt danced through my head - I screamed. Then darling strong stud of mine stomped on it just in time to save this distressed damsel.

Well, that was enough excitement for me for one day, so off to bed I go. Well, lying in bed talking before turning the light off(see the small graces God gives) I notice another huge roach crawling on the curtain rod across the room (at least it wasn't on the one right above my bed!). Well, hubby runs for the bug spray, and just as he sprays it, the thing takes off in flight(yes, some of them fly!) across the room and straight into the closet two feet from my side of the bed - now how am I going to sleep? So we shut the closet door and spray enough Raid around the door to kill, well me and think we'll just have to hope it dies soon. Well, true to cockroach form it crawls out of the closet straight for my side of the bed - what have I done to them?! Again we just resign to hope it dies soon, but it quickly runs out from the other side of the bed, and once again clod-hopper stomps it dead(aren't husbands great!).

So, I've decided to thank God for the small graces He gives in dealing with these creatures, and hopefully find a way to laugh instead of cry. Oh yeah, and I think I'll invest in some Herman Munster shoes for my man.